FAQ about my application for student VISA in France
  What kind of paper do I have to prepare?
  Every student has to bring a valid passport, the notarization of certificate of their highest diploma (original and copy) and the TEF score. If the student was formerly working, he/she must bring a working certificate and if the student has achieved some art course, he/she must show some art works.
  Is the VISA interview is tough?
  As any other interview, the VISA interview has to be well prepared. The CELA, the organization in charge of the students' interview, will check the students' academic, professional background and study plan in France and the career objectives.
The CELA will assess whether the option to study in France is logic or not and also assess the chance that the students will succeed in their expected Plan.
One of our missions is prepare the students for this interview. In the first place we practice the language and how to express their ideas and then we put them into situation so that they can rehearse until they are ready
  How much do I have to pay to pass the ELA?
  Candidate will have to pay the amount of 50 euros to the French embassy in Chinese RMB. The exchange rate is fixed by the French embassy.
  How much do I have to pay at the VISA section?
  Every student has to pay 1000RMB at the VISA section.
  How long does it take between the ELA and the result?
  Don't worry; it will take around two months between the interview with CELA officers and the delivery of the students VISA. During this time, your application will be assessed by the CELA and the VISA section. It takes two months because the assessments are complementary and radically different. In one hand, the CELA's objective is to assess the education background and the language skills of the students. Indeed, its role is to assess whether students will be able to succeed in study plan in France or not. In the other hand, VISA section aims to check the authenticity of the documents provided by the students.
This procedure is the illustration of a global French immigration policy which is focused on qualitative immigration.
  What kind of VISA do I need to pass an entry exam in France?
  The only visa available to go to France to study is a Student visa.
FAQ about how to learn French efficiently in China?
  List of the different language school we recommend
  In China, you can learn French in Alliance Francaise network. This network is the international model to learn French language everywhere in the world.
  one to one teaching method
  The one to one teaching method is the best way for the student to succeed in getting his visa. Face to face visa training has been improved time after time to offer a customized guidance to the student by giving him the right suggestions fitting his profile and education goals. One French tutor spends about one hour for each face to face interview during which attention is focused on the student strengths and weaknesses. The result is achieved when the student gained the level enough to pass successfully the visa interview.
  Link to French radio
  One of the most valuable way to learn fast French is by listening to the radio on a regular basis. The most famous radios are broadcasting their programs on the internet and students shall be aware of that quick access to standard French speaking programs.
  How to hear and read French in China?
  Another opportunity to gain faster progress is to read French newspapers and magazines. Again, here most of the texts are available on the internet. French newspapers and magazines are on sales in some French institutions and cultural organizations.
FAQ about French education system
  Are Universities free of Charge?
  French philosophy is the universal access to education. Consequently the tuitions will be very low compared to others OECD countries. Every year, whatever the political tendency, the government will spend 6000 euros in students' higher education. There will always some miscellaneous payment to make such as registration fees or registration to the national insurance and additional insurance, student ID, library ID¡­
The access to education is nearly free but all the additional services won't be free, but will perfectly fit with students' budget. For instance, the university will propose canteen where students might have a decent meal or dinner for 2, 70 euros.
  What is the difference between private and public education institution?
  French education system is split in several systems which all converge to the new European education system (LMD). Private and public systems have their strengths and their weaknesses and they are both highly considered by the Human resources managers.
In the private system, the students will get a professional oriented education, where the teaching process is focused on the companies' needs. The competitive advantage of the private system is the financial and human resources per students. Private system works as a service company and will provide core services and a myriad of additional services. The core service will be of course the education which means according to the major a greater emphasis on the practical approach through case study or workshop. The additional services will be the company network, the alumni network, the leisure or professional students unions, the quality of the education facilities.
Students and Companies prefer the private system for several major such as business administration, marketing, finance, logistics, fashion design, graphic design, and every major where the practical experience is a lot more important than theory.
Public system will provide advanced theoretical knowledge in various field of study. Public system provides to the student an access to the best, thanks to quality of the professor, researcher, and public speaker. On the contrary to private system, public is focused on its core mission, the education's delivery. Public system proposes a wide range of different diplomas which now all converge to LMD. Bachelor degree, Professionalizing bachelor degree, Master degree, PhD, Business College, engineering academy, national art school, national academy¡­.public system proposes at least a dozen of different diploma. Public system enables people to fulfil their potential, their blossom. The teaching methods alternates one way flow of knowledge (Professors deliver their methods and their knowledge to students but encourage the personal reflection) and double way flow of knowledge (Professors and students debate and argue about specific topics)
  How can I know which University is better than another one?
  On the contrary to a lot of countries, such China, USA, UK¡­there is NOT any ranking among the French public university.
Except for the national college which is generally accessible after a national exam and the others specific colleges (medicine or pharmacy), the universities have the mission to deliver knowledge to all the students of their concerned area and not select them.
If it is a common rule, there are nuances to point out. Actually French economy is based on the clusters (geographical area with a absolute competitive advantages where all the stakeholders converges to make them sustainable); it means that each region has specific industries or services which is nationally or internationally recognized for its high valuable know how. Consequently, according to local economic environment, university will be more competitive in some majors than any others universities. Here you may conclude that some universities are better than others ones but only for certain majors and field of studies.
  What is a DU?
  By definition a DU is a diploma created by the university apart from an official approve of the government. Universities develop those diplomas from their own initiative to answer to students need. For instance, DU can be created to update or complement national diploma. The principal of a DU is to be very specific. Most of times, if DU is recognized as high valuable diploma by human resources managers, it will be tough to transfer it to other universities
DU FLE+ introduction to the majors was created by universities to facilitate the international students integration in their majors. Those programs are foundation program and support the students in their integration into the university, the French teaching method, the French society and civilization and to reduce the gap between their majors in China and their majors in France.
  What can I do with my French diploma?
  French diploma is not the holy Graal, it is a mean for the students to get added value compared to the other students when they will compete together on the same Job application. That is why, the students must accurately define their career objective and what they should expect to get from the French education system.
When the students will come back to their home country, they enjoy a large amount of job opportunities, in branches of French MNE (30 French companies are listed in fortune 500) or representation office of French SME. Moreover, French is the second official language and France is one of biggest I/E countries, it means that French is widely used in International trade.
To study French gives an added value and also opens to large choice of job opportunities.
FAQ about French daily life
  Is it easy to get a part time job in France?
  Without a good command of French, it can be extremely difficult to find a part time job. Most students find a part-time job in restaurants (usually fast foods such as Mac Donald's) or bars. Without speaking French, the easiest solution is to get employed in a Chinese restaurant. We must warn you that a part-time job for foreign student cannot exceed 20 hours a week. Getting a job also require a legal situation with all papers in order. It is strictly forbidden to have a job without the proper visa and resident permit.
  How to save a maximum amount of money in my food?
  There are many ways to save money on the food budget. First of all, as a student in France, you will get a student card. Such a card allows many discounts in various places. As a student, you also have free access to the student restaurant where you can eat for a very good price. But we highly recommend you to buy and cook your own food if you want to save money. Indeed, food in supermarket is much more cheaper than going to the restaurant. You also must know that the food is cheaper in big supermarkets than in little stores.
  How to travel between the major cities?
  It is really easy and usually comfortable to travel in France. Public transportations are on time and reliable but, depending on how far you go, travelling can be expensive. We highly advise you to travel by train for long distance since you can get a 50% discount with a student card. If you travel by car (you can buy one but you must have a valid driving licence), you can easily travel using motorways. But you have to know that petrol in France is expensive and so are motorways. It is usually cheaper to travel by train. France has also a long distance bus system which is reliable and cheap. The last way to travel is by plane. Even if it is quick and comfortable, it can be extremely expensive.
  How to meet easily people
  The best way to meet people is of course in universities and schools. Since students are usually very sociable and enjoy going out, you might find very easy to meet new people.
Generally speaking, it is possible to find and meet people in public and entertaining areas such as pubs, nightclubs, caf¨¦s¡­.
  Where can I do some sports?
  If French people are not really sporty, it is very easy to practice your favorite sport. The national sports are football, tennis, rugby (southern especially), swimming, martial art and track and field, cycling¡­. The current good athletes' performance has a positive impact on the society and more and more French people frequently practice a sport.
Every city will have sport facilities and students will get specific discount price, which allows the students to get a yearly subscription for a very competitive price.
Those facilities are managed by the universities, private schools or city hall. To get register, nothing is simpler; students are invited to go to the sport students unions which fully help the students to get registered.
This is to practice sport between groups of friend or organize informal competition. If students want to practice sport and attend some competition, they will find local sport union but it will depend on the popularity of the sport and the size of the city. There is at least one football club in every local district whereas sport like fencing will be only found in medium sized city. Anyway, those clubs are very easy to find, most of times student sport unions have some lists. It is also to extend your friend and relatives networks.
  Where can I find some Chinese foods and Chinese cooking materials?
  It is getting easier and easier to find Chinese food and Chinese materials. Of course you will find more and more Chinese restaurants throughout France. But it is also possible to find some specialized shops where you will find everything necessary for Chinese cooking (spices, vegetables¡­). It is also possible to find some Chinese food in supermarkets. But we must warn you that usually Chinese traditional recipes are a bit changed in order to meet the westerners' tastes.
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