French education system is split in several systems which all converge to the new European education system (LMD). Private and public systems have their strengths and their weaknesses and they are both highly considered by the Human resources managers.
In the private system, the students will get a professional oriented education, where the teaching process is focused on the companies¡¯ needs. The competitive advantage of the private system is the financial and human resources per students. Private system works as a service company and will provide core services and a myriad of additional services. The core service will be of course the education which means according to the major a greater emphasis on the practical approach through case study or workshop. The additional services will be the company network, the alumni network, the leisure or professional students unions, the quality of the education facilities.
Students and Companies prefer the private system for several major such as business administration, marketing, finance, logistics, fashion design, graphic design, and every major where the practical experience is a lot more important than theory.
Public system will provide advanced theoretical knowledge in various field of study. Public system provides to the student an access to the best, thanks to quality of the professor, researcher, and public speaker. On the contrary to private system, public is focused on its core mission, the education¡¯s delivery. Public system proposes a wide range of different diplomas which now all converge to LMD. Bachelor degree, Professionalizing bachelor degree, Master degree, PhD, Business College, engineering academy, national art school, national academy¡­.public system proposes at least a dozen of different diploma. Public system enables people to fulfil their potential, their blossom. The teaching methods alternates one way flow of knowledge (Professors deliver their methods and their knowledge to students but encourage the personal reflection) and double way flow of knowledge (Professors and students debate and argue about specific topics)

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