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Testimonies about China services
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  Li Zhengmao
  "I'm very grateful to Richard for helping me a lot, which I will never forget"
  Sun He Sept. 15th 2005

"ESF did a very good job in my application of French school and the visa. I was very satisfied with their services in China, especially their staffs Erin, Madame Zhou and Aline. I hope that ESF will give these services of high quality to more students."

  Wang Zhensheng April. 4th 2003

"Hi! I'm the father of the student named Wang Nan who studies abroad. As soon as I returned from a business trip, I wrote this letter for your company.

In course of the procedures for Wang Nan's oversea studies, all the staffs of Feng He Yi Xiang made a great impression on us. We really appreciated you a lot, the foreign consultant's explication of all the details, the suggestion of our expense overseas, especially Richard, his professional working attitude made us have a great faith in the study program.

Currently, my child is in France. Whenever we get problem and difficulties, Richard still gives us great help and advice. We believe that you company will develop better and better thanks to the staff like him. Thanks one more time."

  Xin Rui Oct. 16th 2001

"Now I'm leaving for France to study in University of Angers, I just want to express my appreciation to you from the bottom of my heart. When I applied the visa for studying in France, you gave me great help and confidence, which I will never forget. You prepared and checked carefully all my documents for visa. Then, you encouraged me a lot when I lost my confidence and gave me advice on visa application and also on studying abroad. You went to French embassy with me every time which helped me succeed in applying the visa.

Dear Madame Zhou, I will never forget all that you have done for me. At this moment, we have to be far apart. When I return to China a few years later, I will send you my best regards and show you my success of my study."

  Liu Jingjing June 7th 2002

"For this time I transacted the procedure to study overseas by Feng He Yi Xiang, all the staffs in this company gave me great help.

When I began to apply ESG, I was not very familiar with the procedure. The staffs here gave me detailed advice for every step. For the notarization, the arrangement of TEF and ELA, they kept in touch with the school until I got the LA. I finished all successfully with their help.

After I got the LA and during the period of the visa application, they helped me in terms of letter of motivation and the visa training. Moreover, Madame Zhou prepared all the documents for me before we went to the visa section. She accompanied me all the time when we went to CELA and the French Embassy. She contacted the embassy with patience in order to get the information about my visa. Finally, I got my visa favorably. I think to be an agent of oversea studies, they are quite responsible and effective. There were also many other services after the students got the visa, for example, the booking of air ticket and accommodation, which meant that they really cared about their students.

I sincerely want to appreciate Feng He Yi Xiang and every staff for helping me in the procedure of my oversea study."


About schools

  Liu Yang Feb. 2nd 99

"I've been in Switzerland for half a year, during these days; I've got so much to say. The new education mode made me discover the differences between the Chinese education culture and the occidental one. The education mode in Switzerland is more interactive; the teachers are not the main role in the class any more. We can feel easily the self-expression and say what we want to say. There will be nothing difficult if you are not afraid of asking others and study hard. Don't be shy! Here, the students are come from all over the world; I try to communicate more with them, that's not just for practicing my oral English, but also a good occasion to open my horizon.

I think, for the climate and the environment, Switzerland should be considered as one of the most beautiful country in the world. Although the people here are not full of passion, they are truly friendly and amicable. They hold often the international meetings and expositions, various kinds of cultural and traditional festivals that make you completely feel the cultural atmosphere in Europe.
So, I want to tell all the students who have a plan to study in Switzerland: if you like hotel management, the IMI will be the best choice for you. In this school, we are a great family and the teachers are very serious and responsible. The days that I spent in IMI would be the most precious and unforgettable experience in my life"


"My name is Liu Yang, and I study BBA in IFAM. At present, I live in an apartment in the 7th district and the rent is 245 euro/month. The school is so near to my home that I can go to classes on foot. IFAM has advanced equipment and the teachers are kind and nice. For this term, we have 9 subjects to learn including the French, English and TOEFL lessons specialized for Chinese students. The students here are come from all over the world, we have good relationship. Furthermore, it is very convenient for me to do shopping; I can buy almost everything I need for daily life in the supermarket. "

  Student's parent: Sun Xiaojun August 2002

"Hello! I'm one of the students' parents. My child's name is Lu Menghao. She has gone to IMI this August 3rd by your company to study hotel management. After this spring festival, we began to apply the school and the visa. During a few months, your staffs, their work and politeness made a good impression on me, especially, Madame Zhou Yinhua and Mr. Wei Xiang. I've got more knowledge about Switzerland and also IMI thanks to their explication and their services. And Madame Zhou, though she is a little old, she works very hard. She helped us to fulfill all the forms which are needed by CELA and visa section and answered our questions with patience. What I wanted to mention is my child had to reduce many things to keep the luggage weight, but when she arrived in Switzerland she found that all the clothes are T-shirts except one shirt with long sleeves. So naturally she was worried about this. At that time, we got the information by Madame Zhou that another student will leave Beijing for IMI, and then Madame Zhou helped us to contact that student in order to take my child's clothes to Switzerland. We were very grateful about this.

After having gone through the procedures of studying abroad, I find that the agents of oversea study provide us very professional and good services. Actually there are many people in our society have doubt in the agents, I want to tell you the truth by my own experience, I hope that some people can change their mind about the education agent. And at mean time, I hope Feng He Yi Xiang develops better and better!"

Testimonies about overseas services
  About the pick up
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  About the global services
  Zhang Shuo

"My name is Zhang Shuo. I was born in Beijing and have decided to come to France to learn the French. The ESF Management Education advised me the school of ACF which provides the students the interactive and interesting courses. Now I'm able to discuss and express myself in French after 3 months of French study. I'm registered for the Oct. intake in University of Aix-Marseille where I will get my diploma.

Since I arrived in France, the members of ESF came to pick up me at the airport; they helped me to find a hotel to live in, to open a bank account and to register in the school.

I want to thank ESF Management Education Center for its great help in getting my residence certificate. Before that, I've been to the police station 3 times, but the procedure is complicated, my documents were not accepted.

Until I missed the period of validity of my visa, I haven't got my residence certificate. So I contacted the employees of ESF and they answered me immediately. They helped me get the certificate within 2 days thanks to their good relationship with the important officers in police prefecture.

Actually, after having contacted the police prefect, I know that it's the representative who takes charge of the foreign students' affair succeeds in solving the problem.

One Chinese translator of ESF accompanied me all the time to solve that problem clearly and definitely. Thanks to them, I finally got my residence certificate successfully.

I really want to express my appreciation for their ability and their high efficiency which helped me a lot in the administrative procedure, for the residence certificate is very important for students.

Thanks a lot, ESF work team!

I recommend to all the Chinese students this company in China which is as good as the one in France that provides me the excellent service."

  Manson July 18 2002

"Thank you, ESF! You opened the door to me for my oversea studies.

Having finished my studies for 3 years in high school, I'm a 19-year-old Chinese student. Because of my failure in Gaokao, I wasn't able to enter my ideal university. However, I decided to choose anther way to continue my study----studying abroad.

I chose ESF among many agents of oversea study. It is very rare since it's a foreign capital company. And the most important thing which can give me guarantee is that ESF also has a good work team in Paris.

It's not very convenient for me in a strange city. And what's more worse is the difficulty in communication because of the different language. But in fact ESF also helped me a lot for this, they arranged all about the school, opened a bank account for me and helped me to get the residence certificate.

After half a year of my language study in France, I was planning to begin my major studies. But the problem is my language ability is not good enough to master the major. Then, Agnes, a Chinese staff of ESF, persuaded the professor to accept me in the university and helped me finish the procedure. They provided really good services to me."

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