Our services in France
  Welcome services

Transfer from CDG airport to the hotel
ESF will pay the airport shuttle to every student which have chosen to use overseas’ services. This transfer which is cost 60 euros is fully taken in charge by the ESF. It will allow the students not to change currencies at the airport where the exchange rate is not favourable and wait for being in the city where the exchange rate fees are cheaper and more interesting for the customers.

Individual information about the next two days agenda and delivery of the students guideLine (FR/CH)
A bilingual ESF staff will individually explain each student what the schedule of their next 2 days will be. The hosting staff will briefly describe the different meetings organization and tell to the students which documents will be required for every appointment.

Delivery of name card of the Paris office  

Every student will get name card of Paris office, with the address, the telephone number and the office email in French and Chinese.

Provide international telephone card (300 minutes)
After the check-in in the Hotel in Paris for one night, ESF will provide an international phone card to the students. This card allows the students to call overseas for 300 minutes, can be used everywhere on every phone; moreover it is very easy and convenient to use.

Provide intra-city ticket transfer (from hotel to train station)  
The students generally at the end of day and leave most of times early on the next day to take the train to their final destination. ESF will pay all the different the public transportation (Bus, subway, streetcar…) students must take between the hotel and the train station.

  Pick up services to the final destination (student goes to Province)

Book the TGV train ticket
Some students stay in Paris and the others go “La province”. Those students will take a TGV and regional train to their final destination. ESF staff will help you to To get the best price and the best schedule.

Accompany the student to the final destination or welcome of the student to the final destination
According the schedule, one ESF staff will accompany the student in the train or will welcome the student at the final destination. In any case, ESF staff will bring the student to departure train station.

2 days individual accompaniment by ESF representative which includes:

Assistance in the opening of the bank account:
ESF will book an appointment with the bank advisor to open the students’ bank account. ESF staff will be there to translate the precise detail of the contract that the students will sign with the bank.

Assistance in the university registration
ESF will also bring the students to the universities’ facilities. ESF will introduce the students to the staff and quickly present the facilities. Here again, ESF staff will insure the translation about all the important detail about the language training program.

Assistance in the public transportation registration
The registration to the public transportation will allow the students to get specific subscription with huge discount (at least 25% on the normal price)

Assistance in the social security registration
The registration to national insurance (welfare state) will allow the students to pay minimum fees to get high quality services and products in hospitals, pharmacy…

Assistance in the residence permits registration
As the Visa got in China is temporary Visa, ESF will manage your application to get long-stay residence permit which allows you to do part time job and so on.

Assistance in the accommodation allowance
The accommodation allowance will give to the student a certain amount of money to financially support the students to pay their rent. This allowance is given by the government according to several criteria. ESF will prepare your application to the local authority and then follow up your application in the office in Paris

Assistance in the city discovery (important and essential spot)
During these two days, ESF will also introduce to the students interesting spot about the cities. Students will discover the most important facilities such sport hall, theatre, shopping mall.

  Long distance Assistance Services

The long distance Assistance has two main purposes:
For the students which choose not to take the pick upThe long distance Assistance has two main purposes: services, ESF will propose long distance services. It means that the students get the same assistance as the provided ones for the students which take the pick up services.

The assistance will be done by phone and email.

The second purpose will be the follow up of the different applications. It will usually be done by phone and email, the ESF staff is on direct with the local authorities.

  Distance Assistance Services

Check the school's engagement fulfilment (pedagogical approach, teaching quality…)
ESF will check with the school if all the proposed education services are perfectly fulfilled. Thanks to strict selection policy, ESF has high quality partner which deliver more than the students have been expecting.

Consulting of the students re-orientation (if its needed or required)
ESF will propose to the students which wish to change the institution and the major they were pre registered to when they applied in China.

The re-orientation is personal and individual decision from the student, ESF will never oblige a student to use this service.

Information about the French study plan of the student to its parents or relatives
Because the success of the students is the most important thing, ESF will carefully follow the evolution of the students results in the language schools and then after in its majors.

Check the academic progress of the students and assess the potential success rate or the reorientation probability
As a matter of fact, the academic follow-up will be for the students and ESF, a tool to assess the academic potential and a base to develop alternative study plan if it is required.

  Long term assistance services

Assist the registration and renew of the resident permit or the long stay card
During their stays, the students will be helped and supported by ESF to renew their immigration documents to the local authorities.

Assist in the final accommodation (if its required) according to the students need (single rooms, shared-apartment)
According the students’ budget and wishes, ESF will present to the students a catalogue of different accommodation. ESF will help the students during the lease’s signature.


Information about cultural event in France, Paris
During their stay, students will enjoy a frequent information bulletin about national and regional events all over France. The students will be informed about music events, arts events etc…

Consulting Services
Our consulting services have clear objectives: Provide the best options for their customers.
Our consulting processing is based on several criteria:
  The Objectives: Professional Career's Objectives
  The first step to define the most efficient study plan, our consultant will define your career objective. Our consultant will help you to define how you expect to see yourself in ten years. We believe that all the career objectives are good and we also believe that is necessary for the students to know in what kind of job, industry, and company's department.
A clear career objective will automatically define a clear way to reach it.
  The current situation: Students' Background

The second step is to assess the students' current situation. The consultant will evaluate the visible strengths and weaknesses of the students and also estimate the invisible ones. The visible strengths and weaknesses are the academic, language and professional background of the students.
French consultants will discuss with the students about the theoretical and the practical knowledge, skills and capabilities that they got in China.
Our company has advised every kind of profile as the Charts about our students showed below.

Nevertheless, as a proof of our professionalism, the share of the students which have at least a Benke, represents now more than 60% of our students. Why? Because students which want to go to France to do a master degree wants short and smart study plan, consequently an adequate and relevant advice.
We are proud to give the best to the best students, we are proud to see that qualified students trust our services. As the charts shows below, you will see the nature the Gao Kao and TEF score breakdown of our students:

Your Future: our vision

When we have assess your current situation, our mission is to deliver to you different option to enhance your profile and give you the best possible and existing tools to reach your professional project. Thanks to the diversity of our education resources portfolio, our French consultant will propose in average two to three different options, which all lead to the students' success.
Our proposition is an implementation of your different possible study plan in France. We take into account, your professional project, your current situation and your expected budget and our expertise will give these results:

1/ Quality: the best foundation programs according to the students' profile, it means the best training academic and language training for the students to get smoothly into the expected majors. Our training program have higher success rate of integration to the majors than the average

2/ Adequacy: The proposed major will match with the students' expectation and the French institutions' requirements.

3/ Cost-optimization: Your time and financial investment are important for us. Our consultant defines the best investment with the best potential return on investment. We believe that the more the program is short and intensive, the more the students will get a high return on investment. Our commitment is to deliver an option which provides a medium, long run return on investment.


Our placement is focused to the top: 60% of our students are placed at least to L3, 16% goes to at least a master2 (Chart Placement level). We also push the students application to what the French education does the best, for instance 13% of our students have been recruited for national art college, 30% of our students have been selected to go to Business College (including the grande ecole program)
Why do we outperform the market? Because we have a long term vision and believe that your success and your satisfaction create a virtuous circle.

Administrative Services
  Students Application Management
  We handle the application and we commit ourselves to work as efficient as possible. Lots of students wonder how long does it take to get the application and we will answer straight. According to the application procedure, the demand of the students and their background, it will take between 30 to 60 days to get an answer and 60 to 90 days to get the original documents. For certain case, our organization and our excellent relationship with some partner allow us to get an answer and document is less than 15 days.
  Visa Procedure
  Our back office team will manage your VISA application and will answer individually to all personal questions.
Visa Training
  "Visa training is not a French class, our mission is to train and coach for students interview. Our commitment is help the students to well-formulate its professional project and be able to express and understand complex idea. We give the students a work planning according to their skills and support them to reach their objectives."
Philippe Charles Thuillier, BJO manager
  We use the one to one method which is the most efficient way to teach a language. Our teachers are French native speaker and are able to speak several foreign languages such as English or Mandarin.
Each student will be assessed individually and the visa training period will be organized according to the initial evaluation.
Each visa training class will have an objective that the student will have to fulfill. During this class, 30 minutes will be allocated to rehearse and 15 minutes to debrief about the class.
During the 30 minutes, teachers will interview the students as they would be interviewed by the Visa officer. After this period of time, teachers will explain how the students acted and communicated during the training and will assess whether students reach their objectives or not. To prepare the next visa training, teachers and students will set up new objectives that the students will have to reach.
  Our method leads us and our student to have a higher success rate than the market. Depending on the intake, our visa success rate is between 80% and 85%. We point out that being rejected is not discriminating factor, student might re-apply, and nevertheless after a certain amount of refusal, students should think about themselves, their project and their level. We have good result because we propose high-quality training services and because we also work with students to get involve and work hard. This combination allows our students and us to reach our goal, study in France.
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