ESF consulting corporation is an education consultant company which has proposes in People Republic of China andHong Kong. Our objectives are to propose the best services and the best advice to our customers. By fulfilling these objectives, more than 4000 students have trusted us and have integrated the French, Swiss or Italian higher education.

To respond to our customers' requirements and provide an high quality local support, we have implemented brick and mortgage offices on the two continents, 4 in Asia (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong) and 1 in Europe (Paris).

Our recruitment offices in China will focus its objectives on the elaboration of the students' study plan and the assistance in the students' VISA application. Our missions are:

1/To define the most efficient study plan according to the students wishes and their career objectives.

2/To optimize the chance of the student to get the students' Visa.

Our office in Paris will focus on the administrative follow up of the students' application in France and will welcome and follow up the students as soon as they arrive in France. Those services include daily follow up of the students' application in France, pick up at the airport, application for different government allowance, re-orientation services.

By choosing ESF, you choose high quality services at very reasonable price. Our consultants and our dedicated team will provide to you the best services you might find thanks to their diligence and their experience in the French education and studying abroad.
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