Who are we?
  Our objectives
  Our objective as a top company for studies in France is to provide the best service to our clients by matching exactly their need. Our qualified staff and our approved methods for more than 20 years make it possible to achieve such a goal. The obtaining of the French visa with our service and training reach 90%. This outstanding rate has a reason. Because we believe in the quality of France education, we do our best to promote the most suitable education path for our clients and let them choose a successful way for their life and career.
  Our commitments
  We commit ourselves on a legal basis to find for our student, and according to their profile and our suggestion, the best education program to fulfil their wish. We commit ourselves to bring as much information as we can to give him guidance and help him to choose the best of the programs.
  Our legacy
  We already have a more than 20 years experience in offering successful solutions to our clients in overseas studies. On this basis, we are able to give accurate information and ease all the decisional processes. Our strong experience gives us the confidence to bring a very professional and effective service. We already sent more than 4000 students in France.
  The word of our consultant
  "I put an end to spend time with my client to understand his profile and explore with him the different options matching his request. From the first interview, I already can identify the principal features of his demand and analyze its feasibility. During all the process, I keep in touch with him to provide for him the suitable programs, taking into account all the aspects he is putting forward. Sometimes, only the experience can gives you the accurate scope to take into account some details that will be key-points in the process of finding a proper program. I am tremendously positive in the ability of my Chinese clients to find their way since my guidance can account on a strong motivation for the biggest part of them."

"As a MBA graduate, China was for me a unique country with a unique success story. Any nations in our history have known such an economical booming in such short time. Indeed, what twenty years represents in our long history.
When I meet and advise the students, I can see the power of the youth, a unique energy which will lead them to excellence. I think that our French education system perfectly fits with the students’ needs and request; they will get a high added value by developing a analytical, creative and pragmatic way of thinking which make the competitiveness of the French nation among the world.
When I look upon the dynamism of French MNE and SME in China, my conclusion is simple: higher education in France is the one of the most profitable investment for Chinese students!"
Why us?
  Our competitives advantages
  Services oriented and quality oriented, our company is on the high-end market. We believe that our added value comes from tangible and intangible assets.
Our policy is to control our services offer, indeed we don’t outsource our primary services which are linked to the students’ placement and integration into French education system and society.
We own 3 offices, which are registered at the Chinese Education Ministry, in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, places where our customers can contact us 6 days per week and 8 hours per day to get informed about the French Education system, their application, their French level….
We own also an office in Paris, which is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Paris, which will help and support the student during their study plan.
Our constant development policy leads to have excellent relationship with education actors in France and Europe.
We do believe that we can achieve our objectives by the skills of our employees. Our team, which is multi-cultural, has a long experience in French education system and studying abroad. Whether in France or in China, our consulting services will be relevant, appropriate and will answer to your needs.
  Our school network
  Our objective is to find the most efficient and most appropriate placement for our students. Consequently our mission is to develop season after season our school portfolio. Aware about the market needs, expectations and requirement, we yearly adjust our portfolio by adding or suppressing some offers.
We currently work with 50 schools and universities and cover 500 different majors and diplomas. We favor the high quality foundation programs. Those programs give all the necessary tools for the students to get into their majors after one year or six months.
Thanks to our recruitment’s quality and our professionalism, our partner network has been extended to high competitive products such as “Grande Ecole”, “Ecole Nationale des beaux arts”, engineering college, national college…
Our vision will always be to reach the excellence, what the French education makes the best.
  Our experience and our knowledge of the market
  Thanks to our experience, our learning curve is one of the most advanced on this market. We have a unique experience and that is why our company is a first mover. We know how to react, to adapt to a market move. We are a privileged interface between the Chinese students and the French education system. More than the education resources, we have a strong knowledge about the global situation in France and China.
  Our french consultants and skilledful team
  Another intangible asset is the presence of French consultant in every office. French consultants bring their expertise and their natural knowledge about the French education system.
Our French consultants know the subtlety of the French education system and will deliver to the students the most efficient advice. Our consultant has a clear mapping about the strengths and the weaknesses of the different diplomas, majors and degrees that French education system can deliver.
What and how do we do?
  Focus on the student success
Our vision is to lead to success. Your success is a combination of several factors that we will define with you during our consulting services. Our strategy is to identify the different possible options which will lead to your career objectives. First we analyze your background and identify your strength and your weakness and assist in your career objectives formulation.
To implement your study plan, we will focus our recommendation on:

Your profile: according to your wishes and your needs, we will discuss with you about the several option you might find in Europe in the private or public education system.

Your success: our placement’s strategy is focused on your success. We will define which major and which diploma will bring you the higher added value to reach your career objective.
  Definition of the students needs
  As mentioned above, your needs will be identified by our consultants. This first step is the most important in the consulting process. By gathering all the information about your academic background and your information about your long term objectives, we will be able to identify the best option you might follow in the French education system. We strongly believe that the title of a diploma is less important than the content.
  Defintion of the study plan
  Your study plan is your war plan. Your study plan is the option, the forecast implementation which will lead you to the success. Our experience and our knowledge of the French education system will be useful and determinant. Indeed, we will split into several part your study plan and define with you the key success factors of each different step and explain to you the relevance of our proposed options.
  Settlement of the Key success factor
How to build a plan without good and solid foundation? The answer is IMPOSSIBLE. That is why we propose to our student only excellent foundation programs in French and in their majors. Our language schools portfolio is composed of rewarded and high quality partners. Their program proposes excellence and professionalism, thanks to those programs; the students will get an efficient foundation to succeed in their majors.
Then after the other key success factor is the definition of the best major, degree and institution for the students. Our education resources allow us to propose a wide and diversified range of options. We believe that the content of the diploma is more important than the title or the location.
After all, the most important is the knowledge and the experience you will in France, not the title. International companies are looking efficiency not branding.
  Services oriented
  As a agent, our company is a services company. We will serve our customer with politeness and diligence. We will answer as the best as we can to students requests.
  Our services commitments in China
  Our commitment is to answer with transparency and professionalism to our customers. Our customer must get appropriate information on time.
We will provide to our customers a high quality service through our placement services (consulting and registration management) and our training services (personal rehearsal to pass the ELA).
Our multi-national team (Chinese and French citizens) provides a high quality working process, our company is the optimal combination between the Chinese and French diligence’s philosophy.
  Our services commitments in France
  Our office in France has the mission to support and help the students during its study period in France. Our commitment is to help our customers to get smoothly into the French society. This commitment induces services which are described in our services in France.
Where are we?

Hong Kong Office
93-107 Lockhart Road
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Beijing Office
24 A Jian Guo Men Wai Av.
East Ocean Center Room 1101
Beijing 100004, CHINA
Tel: 86-10-6515 6201
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